Turkish construction companies are in need of engineers who are specialized on the advanced construction technologies and project management techniques for their competitiveness in big construction projects at home and abroad. Bogazici University Civil Engineering Department offers a program that will lead to a Master’s Degree in Construction Engineering and Management (CEM) for full-time working civil engineers as well as architects and engineers from other disciplines working in the construction industry. Although prior work experience is highly recommended, recent engineering and architecture graduates may also apply for the program.

The CEM program intends to educate engineers and architects for leader positions in construction companies engaged in the design, construction and operation of large scale projects such as mass housing, high-rise buildings, industrial plants, water systems, highway networks, airports, harbours, dams which include thousands of job items. Graduates are expected to gain competence in project planning and management, cost control, legal issues, contract management, organization of construction sites as well as advanced technical skills.

The CEM program is going to provide a sound foundation for the students with compulsory and elective courses on construction management and elective courses on structural, geotechnical, hydraulic, environmental, transportation and materials engineering fields.

Students are required to take 30 credits of course work consisting of 11 courses and a project. Seven of these courses are compulsory core courses; six in construction management, and one in communication skills. Elective courses are provided in two groups. The first group is composed of courses on construction management and related fields and second group includes technology related courses in the fields of civil engineering. Students are required to take three courses from construction management and one course from engineering field. The project is to be completed under the supervision of a faculty member on a topic from construction engineering and management fields preferably including a case/problem related with the construction sector. The program is designed to be completed in three semesters with regular workload.